Car Accident Lawyer

Knowing what not to do or say after a car accident can be just as important as knowing what to do.  When you speak to the other driver or the police, it is important not to admit responsibility.  You can and should tell the truth about the facts of the car accident, but at the same time you shouldn’t ever say that the accident was your fault in your opinion.  There may be factors or circumstances that you are unaware of at the time of the car accident.  The other driver may be responsible and admitting that the accident was your fault may come back to hurt your injury claim later in the process.

It is also important not to give a statement or talk to the other driver’s insurance company.  Soon after an accident, insurance companies will attempt to contact you and ask you questions about your injuries.  The person who calls you typically will try and sympathize with you and try to get you to talk about your injuries.  It is best NOT to speak to insurance companies until you have had a chance to speak to a Birmingham Car Accident Attorney who can advise you on your car accident case.

Also never downplay your injuries at the scene of the car accident.  When asked by the responding police officers, you shouldn’t tell them that you feel “OK” as soft tissue and disc injuries can take hours or days until the pain fully sets in.  Don’t say anything regarding your physical well-being until after you have been to a doctor.  If you are in pain at the scene of the accident it is best to let the police call an ambulance for you if needed.